Tide Brights + Whites Rescue..

“As a member of the tide crowd a part of crowdtap I received a free sample,for my honest feedback,all opinions are 100% my own”I was really incited to receive this particular sample.
1.)TIDE is a a brand I use on a regular basis,I have trust and love the brand.
2.)The descriptive words” Brights + Whites Rescue” is something I have been looking for in a product(s) to make whites,look like the day I bought them and I am not talking just clothes,also linens.
To make my bright(s) and neon color(s)really be the same color(s) they were once were,after they lost that amazing brightness.
I am here to sau,with little work done by you at home,and all the hard work,LITERALLY,in a small “little pod”,it truly does bring whiotes to the beautiful original state,for me,it was like I just bought my 1983 tube/shprt terry comb,YES,you read right,it works that immense:)
I was impacted on the brilliance of the rejuvenation of all my cothes,that is my extremely bright and neon clothes form 80’s:)
Tide Brights + Whites Rescue is a product Ithat will be a permament memnber of my clothes washing aresnal.

TIDE is FotorCreated.png tide white colors A M A Z I N G 🙂

This is a collage of the great work the Tide Whites and Brights rescue can do,pretty amazing,right? I love this product.Thank goodness I did not throw away a table runner I really thought was a total lost,a huge thanks goes to Tide Brights + Whites Rescue it really did TOTALLY brighten up my table runner,which was my memere’s,it sat in my drawer after what I saw the Tide Brights + Whites Rescue did with my white outfit,i placed the all white anddelicate l;ace which goes all around in a delicate wash bag,it came out stunning,TIDE says up to 3 shades,I am saying the table tunner at least 5 shades,I am IN LOVE WITH WITH THIS PRODUCT,if you have not yet tried it,you really have to,pictures really does not show the impressive grandure this “little pod” does and all you do is throw iy in the wash,still can not believ hpw little effprt on the part opf us,the consumer,may i add,resonible priced,and always has coupons avaliable:)

I had a very poistive and clothes washing as far as white and bright colors(neons as well) has changed for the better:)experience with Tide Brights + Whites Rescue™ In-Wash Laundry Booster Pacs those “little pods” really do a ton opf work,and the consumer,well.all we do,really os a little pod in the wash,and TIDE gets into,I have never seen my whites and all of my really bright as well as neons so brilliaint,I LOVE IT :)I would be likely to purchase Tide Brights + Whites Rescue In-Wash Laundry Booster Pacs in the future because I am beyond impressed by its amazing strength to get my whites ,beautifully to the way ,to like the way were when I bought them,just like my bright and neon clothing,and I must say most of my bright colored and neons and some of my whites kie my rompers and jeans,my Gloria Vanderbuilts,nopw I am really tellling you all my age,they look like I just bought them back in the 80’s I would be crazy to stop using this product.


Hills Science Diet Helathy Cuisine Canned Cat Food

As a cat(s) parent with the ages ranging from 1-11 their reactions I must say was over whelming,as soon as I opened the first can,they detected the aroma which they seem to love,as a pet parent,that makes me happt,a happy pet is something we all strive for in our lives,that what they are eating not only tastes great BUT is also GOOD for them;)
It is not easy to feed my cats ,I have to go in waves they get feed twice a day and introducing a new brand of course takes a bit of time,I went slow and they all loved this canned healthy version:)

I am staying with canned cat food they really loved the Chicken Recipe over the flavors with one exception Paincho really loved the Salmon:)

I will be Most DEF will be staying with the Hills Science Diet Healthy Cuisine Canned Cat food they all loved it and I have noticed a bit more activitity in play:)

They seem to be more active even n the heat wave we had the past week or so,what a great way to recomed a brand I think,it tells me my cats are doing great and my two big boys whose weight I worry about,they are both on diets,with this sample trail I dod wwith the CROWDTAP in which I received free samples of the Hills healthy Cuisine for my honest feedback.

I am thrilled to report they actually dropped a few pounds I know this is to do with the change of theor diet,I recommend this product:)

I have enclosed a video as well


Beyond My Expactatins NUTRISH Hor Cats..A Review for influenster from my free sample of the NUTRISH Chicken and Potato Recipe

“I received this product from Nutrish in exchange for my honest review.” I am a cat lover and have eight wondeful “fur-babies” raging in age from one through eleven tears and I myst say,once I opened my very nice sized sample bag which was your small bag,for one,I was thrilled to have this bag,which is the Chicken and Potato Recipe,I know cats have a great sense of smell and all eight of my cats,their eyes widden with curiousty and really came a running towards,if you can, create a mental image eight cats,all ages and sizes coming at me,withj wonderrment,I know what they are thinking,what is this wonderful new bag you brought to our home?
Of course,I am no “cat -whisper” I do know my cats:)
I started them off slow and let them all sniff the baf and mycat Ressie,God Bless her little heart,she got right in the bag and started to eat,this is the start of what came to be,as I love to phrase it,”The Night of New Beginnings”..it really was for them..my “fur-babies”
Whenever I switch up my cats food either can or bagged I try (key word TRY) to start slow their tummies as in digestive system is not at all like ours,when trying new brands,I always try to take slow,you never know how how it will react for them,as we bean this trial,the biggest thing for me,I noticed how great the pieces are,perfect bite-sized pieces ,all my cats had no problem at all eating and chewing them=A+..:)
Taste another ..A+ tou are probably wondering how can I tell,very easy ,by their actions,they wanted more each time they were served, feed them twice a day on dry food,each cat has different portions,all depends on their weight as well as diet,my oldest,they are eleven and both are on a diet,I would love to add a idea ,if I could.

I was thinking maybe addong  a lighter version of this incredible cat food for those cats whose weight has to be watched,thank you for listening:)
I have already purchased your larger bag we went through the sample bag .

I vey impressed by your pricing,I expected to pay more,the NUTRISH brand in my opinion is affordable and I am disabled on SSDI my mother lives with me and she is retired,I wanted others who may read my review to know this is a very affordable
product,which is also on sale quite often at grocery stores in my local area(s) as well as Bog Box Stores it is very helpful for those of us who are watching our checks and balances and seeing the NUTRISH Brand really cares SPEAKS VOLUMES To me as a consumer,I have also said this to other “Pet Parents” in social Clubs I have where products are discussed.
Thank You Again ,A Very Happy Pet Mother:)
I am adding a link to my video enjoy:)

SlimFast VoxBox #ItsYourThing for #influenster

As a member of the influenster community I was chosen to sample the SLIM FAST ADVANTAGE VOX BOX which included a few samples of SLIM FAST’S newest line ADVANTAGE ,I must say I was overwhelmed by how great all the products were not only by taste,but,the claims that are printed on each product,for instance their “READY MEAL SHAKE’ claims if you drink it you will not feel hungry for up to four hours ” in my case ,this is true and I only drank sevent five percet of it,I was getting full as I was drinking it and was not waiting to eat,this product worked for me,and will continue using this product.

Their product of 100 calorie snacks well packaged and attractive to look at:) Also satisfied the “hungry-little-woman” inside of me and did not feel like I had to have more:)Another great product that stood up to my evaluatio as a reviewer and stole my hear as so did their snack bars:)There is nothing that was inside their wonderful “SLIM FAST VOX BOX” that disappointed me,nor left me hungrat as for as this influester goes I was thrilled with my experience with SLIM FAST ADVATAGE and will have and on goingrelationship,for those reading my words,give their new line a try and you as well,I know,will be delighted.



As a member of CROWDTAP I was selected to host a party for the products  MICELLAR CLEANSING WATER ; MICELLAR CLEANSING WATER “WATER PROOF” AND BRIGHTENING&SMOOTING DAILY MOISTURIZING SPF 15I received them free for my honest feedback.

I had 28 friends and family over we had a great time with a wonderful party pack that was supplied by Crowdtap for for my honest feedback they were also kind enough to send along a $10.00 GC to help with part supplies pretty nice thought ,right?

We all had a great time we talked about our goals for 2016 some were being more physical doing more work outs others wanted to spend more quality time wth with their children;grand-children ;meices and nephews others wanted to work on themselves and try to take some quality time for themselves like taking a course online ; coloring,; a little something new that they always wanted to and,buy,never had the time to do so.

We he went into threee icredible products two were the MICELLAR CLEANSING WATER ; MICELLAR CLEANSING WATER “WATER PROOF” they are great products that help take off yopur make-up along with also cleaning your face and will not clog your pores,and guess what,no harse ordor,no ordor at all,and no scrubbing,this is a must try productand the other is BRIGHTENING&SMOOTING DAILY MOISTURIZING SPF 15 another incredible product that really helps with reducing wrinkles;evening out skin tones will give you a youthful radiant skin it is out of this world,I really lobve it and also as a SPF of 15 you know how Iam and the SUN UV RAYS I am always watching out for the sun:)

If you have a chance check out these products they are great,I am now using them and will be using them from now on I highly recommend them:)

Thanks for reading:)

Unilever Dry Spray VoxBox

Hello all.. today I want to tell you all about my latest VOXBOX from INFLUENSTER🙂

INFLUENSTER is a great community for people like myself who not only love products from make-up to house hold needs and love to review and share with others how the products are and how they worked OR did not work for them.       from time to time,you may receive products for free,in return,all you have to do is a few tasks that could be anything from writing a blog,making a vlog opr just posting a few pictures and sharing on yopur social platforms,talk about a great opportunity,am I right?

I have been with INFLUENSTER  going on five years and I just adore it,I love going on whenever there is a product I want to share with others,easy to do 🙂 If you have a smart phone you can use the bar code nscanner and it will find the producvt of not use your PC and begin to write the ex[perince you had with the product:)

Now that  I gave you all a little run down of INFLUENSTER  I can tell you about my last box I received from them:)

It is called the # TryDry VoxBox and what was inside was DOVE’S COOL ESSENTIALS and the name really says in my own opinion,does  a great job of cooling you down and fanastc to take along  say if you are at the gum,running or with friends going on a hike.I really has a nice,crisp scent in it’s own right,it is not over-powerful and is just enoughy to make you feel like you have not been working put for the past hour,we all know how WE, can be really hard on ourselves espically after being really active and say we are going to meet up with friends or that someone spcial,you want to be smelling your best:)

I say grab yourself a bottle of DOVE’S Spray Anti-Persipant and I am telling you no one will ever know you just finished doing a really intense work-out:)

I received this product for free and all opinions are 100% my own:)


A terrfic time was had by all this past October 10 2015 at my house in the cityu of Chicopee within the stats of MA,why are the excitement you maybe wondering? Haven’t you heard? RHODES has a great new product out that bakes in “60 seconds in a microwave” did I really say that? Y E S I  DID:)<<<<HYGE SMILE THERE:)<<<

I was one of the lucky party host to be able to have a party featuring this incredible NEW product,I could not be even happier that I found it,I found it after the second store:) They had tw bags,I grabed hem along with one bag of the CRUSTY FRENCH BREAD AND THE SOFT DINNER ROLLS 🙂 I decided to go with all three since being provided with four free coupons of their products,which are to be used for my honest and unbiased feedback,it may sound like a bit too much work to do,it really was not that much of a task,when you really enjoy,hosting parties,reviewing products and trying products that are new,those are the BEST:)

My guest incl;uded a range of people including friends;relatives;neighbors;parents of children I babysit for and some f the children I had all different ages they ranged from 8-86. I love having different groups of people I love getting all differnt types of people together,and enjoy a great produc and demonstrating how easy it is to make one or more cinnamon rolls in the microwave.As I demonstrated how easy it was,everyone was eally impressed how incredibly easy it was,and having only two bags with six rolls per bag we waited for them to cool down and I along with m friend Veronica sliced them up,all could partake in the tasting of them,which I have to say went quite well,I do have to say it was about 75% saying they were out of this world,they tasted great ..whle the other 15% stated it was a bot ver powerful with the cinnamon,I also felt that way,I felt the cinnamon was a bit strong,besides that they were perfect ,being made from the micrwave,everyone and myself could not believe how great the product iS.

The rolls which I also made and I have to say I have had before are great,easy to make and always are a great addition to any dinner:) 

I love being TRYAZON Host and looking forward to my next party hoping it will be soon:)

My Summer With Snuggle Bear…

I have to say it has been a very fast summer I can hardly believe it is almost over as I look forwrd to the Labor Day festives,I hoped we would hav been able to have hd this mission go till then ,what a glorious ending for snuggles and myself,as I wuite my memories of the summer we have pent together,You all my have noticed I did not change his name,whu,well, I did not think it ws right to do so,he is after,thue SNUGGLES EAR to call him anything else to me ,just did not feel right at all..It was very kind of the good people who run the great Community of SNUGGLES DEN who gave the members who ar douing THE SUMER WITH SNUGGLES, we all dot a free bear and we are to take him where we go.For me we really did not go to many exciting places we did go to local parks enjoyed family picnics,many fathy get togethers and a surprise pary for a cousin.

We made a great team and YES I did take my sweet bear buddy out and about with me everywhere I went and really had fun with this mission,some people might have thought I was odd while others who were wondering what this was ll about,I tld them,and they asked,how do I join,you may have a few mre mebers I talked very highly of the great community which I have grown fond of,I am working on my Pinterest which includes pictuires of SNUGGLES and myself and some of SNUGGLES on his own ,I thought of all different adventureswe could  do,I just did not want to take the easy route,you will learn this about,another reason why,I am probably one of the last ones to finish up on this mission,I hate rushing through things to just get ii over with,I loved this time with SNUGGLES and really made it a summer experience.

SNUGGLES wantes to thank you for entruSTing him with me and Aslo wants me to ask will you talk to the shop owners and ask maybe will you add more products to the tore,maybe a girl SNUGGLES.It would be fun and we think what a wonderful idea,the only thing in the store is a huge SNUGGLES,we have a picture of me with him,we hope ypu enjoy it:)

As I end this,I hope that we have more fun time with SNUGGLE brand produst,the scavengar hunt was a lot of fun and i was thinking addng games to the site,would be a lot of fun for the members,this mission is one of kind and I am soo looking forward tohe next ine:)

Johnsonville Grillers for Crowdtap

“I’m a member of the Crowdtap Johnsonville Grillers rewards program, and Johnsonville sent me a sample of its Grillers to review.” i received a coupon for a fee box of these great grillers and I hav to say it was not an easy choice for me to make,I actually used my coupon for your Swiss and Mushtoom,and also bought the Chedar Cheese and also as I ws at Wal-art the other day I picked up the Steavkhouse nion Seasoned,and wouldn’t you know it,that is the one I chose for my sample and it was delicous with a capital D.
The seasoning was perfect,the 1/4 was a perfect size and filled myself and mom right up,terrfic tastic and great with hothing on it,I tried it with just the burger alone,to get the onionseason,out of this world,it really tasted as if there was onion ringlings placed upon the burgrs,I would say they were carmalized,can you tell how pleased I am with these grillers?
I wanted to use my grill for the grillers,for some reasons my grill was mmissing a lef,I did not want to rsok any danger,I used a skillet andI am here to tell [eople who are reading this review,you really would swear this burger was grilled,tastd as if it came right off the grill,ypu can griil,skilet or broil them,I thought that was great it gives people options in case of things happening like what happened to me.
I love the Johmsonville brand and they are apart of my menu the grillers will be on there as well.
Please keep coming up with great ideas,I can not get enough of these great Johnsonville products:)

Below you will see a link for the review I did for the Grillers:)


I really could not have picked a better day for gathering a sampling of a product from the great company Johnsonville,I am vvery familiar with the brand an a regular staple on my family’s menu during the month from meatballs-sausage,their brand is great exceptional,the flavors are great and if I may add are really out of this world,with seasonings that taste as if they were just picked form the garden and placed within the meat flas-frozen and shipped to local gracers ll over are great US:)

I was very happy amongst other Tappers as if you all know by reading my blog,I am with the great community Crowdtp and received a free product to sample for my honest feedback,in this ase ,a high-value coupon,this product depending where you go can be a bit pricey,after doing some reserach,after all,having a gathering for fortyu people and I wanted opinion,I wanted to get the most product for my monet,Wal-mart has the grullers everyday for 5.99 every flavor:) I was very happy to see that.

I had all my party supplies picked up and arrnged,all prodycts fixed primed and ready to go,the last thing was y grill,I really was not worrid about it because I just used it last week and everything was fine,but,was I wrong,as I picked it up I noticed a leg was missing I started to ise my phone tree to borrow grill no luck,all of them have propane and the ones with charcoal theirs were just too big too travel,went to the next big thing and that was the stove top in which Ipprepared over 80 grillers and I have to tell you all ,you would think they came off a gril,I am not fibbing they tasted incredible:)They say things happen for reason and maybe this is why it happened,to see if they would stand up to a real taste woyld they taste just like a regular hambur on a skillet or would thre be a distinct different,they were GREAT!!!!!

In the honest thpughts of myself who personally ate and also was on my dear stove all day today thse grillers are an INCREDIBLE A++++. If you are looking for a great tasting burger that is more than the everday burger sonething that people will be talking about go out and try these wonderful grillers,you can find them them at your local grocer,take it from me go to Wal Mart that is your best price:)

Everyone at my gathering today was really happy with how great they tasted and how fast for a frozen burger to cook the option to either grill, broil or use the stove stop they seemd to like that as well and knowing to go to wal mart was a big help,when I told them I have seen them priced as high as9.98 they were a bit surprised but I would say about 75% wiuld pay that price becaue the quality was beyond great,for me that spoke volumes,this is a great product:)